A Typical Session

A typical session combines yoga, breath work and mediation and  lasts for 60 minutes. However, each session is tailored to your individual needs so the layout can vary week to week.


The yoga practice is designed for YOUR body. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE OR HAVE ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE. I will help you to gain flexibility and strength and we can work on your individual requirements. This practice will help to relax, and open the body ready for your breath work.


Breath Work

The breath work is a core component of the sessions and you will be introduced to breathing exercies to help break old breathing habbits you may have developed and we work to replace them with correct breathing techniques. We begin by developing your ability to breathe diaphragmatically and as your tecnique improves we then introduce other methods  of breathing to help strengthen your vagal tone and build your stress reilience. 


NO! YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIT AND THINK OF NOTHING! My visual meditations are created to help you bring your focus into the here and now, and to help you release negative thoughts and stress. They work in conjunction with the breath work and leave you with a sense of peace and calm. Balancing your body and mind.


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